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This website is a scientific work according to the German copyright law (UrhG § 2, § 4) aimed to fully document the sources regarding the designer Tom Tjaarda which are spread in the literature and in archives. The goal is to compile a systematic catalogue of Tom Tjaarda´s work, to gain and spread insights about his work and to encourage the conservation of his works (cf. the companion website www.pietro-frua.de which is in a further stage of research). All texts and image assignments are scientific hypotheses (cf. Karl R. Popper), which can be disproved by new sources. Insofar the desription will be corrected and expanded according to the gathering of newer insights.

Some redundancy will be accepted in some cases in order to fully present the source material.

Texts and pictures of other authors are used as scientific citations according to the German copyright law (UrhG § 51; cf. US copyright law § 107 Fair Use) and are marked accordingly. Photographers or copyright holders, if known, are marked by a preceding copyright symbol ©. From its missing – which is often due to a lacking documentation in the used sources – it cannot be concluded that the material can be freely reproduced. Copyright holders who have been omitted by nescience are kindly asked to contact the author of this website.

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Earlier publications are listed with a preceding “Sources”. Sources consulted are listed as References.

Unknown authors and car owners are referred to as N.N. (lat. nomen nescio = “I do not know the name”). Known car owners who do not want to be named will be referred to with their initials or as Anonymus.

Publications, which are based on the research of the author will be listed at the end of the respective car monograph below the headline “Publications”.

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